The documents linked to through this page are being overhauled and will be replaced with updated documents by the end of October 2018.

This page provides a link to the current arbitration agreements used by John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers. Mediation and arbitration agreements are often tailored to the specific circumstances of the parties and their dispute, and your agreement to arbitrate may have differences from the agreements provided in this page.

The general agreement is the mediation and arbitration agreement used in most arbitration proceedings. It includes the option to mediate a family law dispute first, before moving into the arbitration phase.

The agreement for a decision without reasons is used in arbitration proceedings where the parties and their lawyers are prepared to submit a small number of legal issues for resolution and argue their positions in a hearing conducted by teleconference or videoconference. The family law dispute is resolved by the decision of the arbitrator at the end of the hearing. The arbitrator does not provide a written award or reasons for his or her decision.

For more details on the available procedural options, click here.

The fees and payment expectations described in these arbitration agreements are subject to change.