Reducing conflict so you can focus on the big picture.


Our goal is to help people involved in family law disputes in Alberta and British Columbia resolve their differences with courage, respect and integrity. We aim to resolve family law problems fairly, quickly and at the lowest possible cost, while reducing the impact of conflict on children, minimizing conflict and promoting parents’ ability to work together into the future.



Our Approach

John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers provides mediation, arbitration, med-arb and parenting coordination services for family law disputes in Alberta and British Columbia. John-Paul Boyd is a senior family law lawyer nationally known for his big-picture approach to family justice issues, contributions to public legal education on family law, and special expertise in disputes concerning parenting, support and jurisdictional disputes.


Mediation & Arbitration Services

A mediator helps people identify their interests, bargain with each other and resolve their dispute by agreement. When compromise and consensus are impossible, an arbitrator resolves disputes, after listening to the evidence and each person’s arguments, like a private judge. Med-arb proceedings combine mediation and arbitration; when an agreement isn’t reached on some or all of the issues in mediation, those issues are resolved through arbitration.


Parenting coordination SERVICES

A parenting coordinator works with parents to implement a final order or final agreement about children’s parenting arrangements after separation. Instead of going to court, parents contact their parenting coordinator when they can’t agree about a parenting issue, and the parenting coordinator helps them try to reach an agreement, like a mediator. However, if the parents can’t agree on a resolution or the issue is urgent, the parenting coordinator will make a decision resolving the dispute.


Children’s legal services

We prepare children’s affidavits for use in court as independent counsel, unaffiliated with the lawyers for either parent. We provide independent legal advice to children when older children’s informed consent is required, as it may be when a guardian is appointed for a child, if a child is adopted or if a child’s name is changed. We also prepare non-evaluative views of the child reports, for use in mediation, arbitration or litigation, to help parents and decision-makers understand a child’s perspective and preferences.