John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers provides mediation, arbitration, med-arb and parenting coordination services for family law disputes throughout Alberta and British Columbia. John-Paul Boyd is a senior family law lawyer nationally known for his big-picture approach to family justice issues, contributions to public and professional legal education on family law, and special expertise in disputes concerning parenting, support and jurisdiction.

dispute resolution

John-Paul’s goal is to help the individuals involved in a family law dispute resolve their differences with courage, respect and integrity. We aim to resolve family law problems fairly, quickly and at the lowest possible cost, while reducing the impact of the disagreement on children, minimizing conflict and promoting parents’ ability to work together into the future.

For people wishing to mediate a dispute, John-Paul will help the parties separate their interests from their legal positions, facilitate a child-centred dialogue, identify areas of compromise and reach a forward-looking agreement that is equitable and as fair to both parties as possible.

Arbitrations with John-Paul will usually begin with an attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation before proceeding to a hearing, unless the parties prefer to skip mediation and head directly to the hearing. Arbitrations will begin with an initial conference to confirm the issues in dispute, set deadlines, fix a date for the hearing and select the rules and processes that will be followed.

John-Paul has developed a comprehensive set of rules, available for download in the Rules of Procedure page, that are specifically designed for the arbitration of family law disputes. The rules offer a wide range of procedural options and are intended to ensure that: the level of process provided is proportionate to the complexity, importance and value of the issues in dispute; the needs and wishes of children are heard and taken into account; and, the dispute is resolved as quickly as possible at as low a cost as possible.

For people wishing or required to participate in parenting coordination, John-Paul takes a firm but pragmatic and child-centred approach to resolving parenting disputes and implementing the terms of final orders and agreements on parenting. His long-term goals are to help the parties learn to communicate more effectively, identify behaviours that frustrate their ability to cooperate and develop strategies to resolve disagreements on their own.

Our mediation, arbitration, med-arb and parenting coordination agreements are available for download in the Participation Agreements page.

children’s legal services

John-Paul has prepared non-evaluative views of the child reports for more than ten years and written extensively on children’s participation in justice processes, including interviewing children, hearing children’s views in family law disputes and drafting children’s affidavits. His expertise is invaluable when independent counsel is required to prepare the affidavit of a young person or provide children and youth with legal advice.

John-Paul connects easily with children and is able to explain the legal issues affecting their interests in a clear, understandable way. He takes a sensitive approach when providing children’s legal services, seeking always to protect children from conflict between the adults in their lives and to ensure that the legal proceedings between parents have the least possible impact on children.

Independent legal advice

John-Paul respects the rights of individuals to settle their legal disputes as they wish. He will explain the law clearly and concisely, as well as the range of alternative settlement possibilities and the range of likely results should the dispute be resolved through the courts instead of by agreement.

John-Paul’s objects are to assess the fairness of a proposed family law agreement or participation agreement and ensure that the client fully understands how the proposed agreement affects their present and future rights and responsibilities.

a paperless process

John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers uses an electronic, paperless process to streamline mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination processes and provide a fair, speedy and cost-effective resolution of family law disputes. Day-to-day communication occurs largely by email and documents are shared and delivered in electronic form through a secure client dropbox. Meetings, conferences and hearings may be held in person, or by teleconference or videoconference using Zoom.

When it is necessary to meet in person, meetings and hearings can be held anywhere in Alberta and British Columbia that is convenient to the parties and their counsel, and the cost of John-Paul’s travel is not billed to our clients.