Our goal is to help people involved in family law disputes resolve their differences with courage, respect and integrity. We aim to resolve family law problems fairly, quickly and at the lowest possible cost, while reducing the impact of the disagreement on children, minimizing conflict and promoting parents’ ability to work together into the future. John-Paul Boyd has provided mediation services since 2005 and arbitration services since 2011; he is an accredited family law mediator and an accredited family law arbitrator.

As a mediator, John-Paul works with the parties and their counsel to reach a agreement on all or some of the issues in dispute that is practical, equitable, responsive to the children’s changing needs, and gives the parties the best possible chance of being able to cooperate and revolve future disputes on their own.

As a family law arbitrator, John-Paul collaborates with the parties and their counsel to design a process that is fast and efficient, appropriate to the circumstances of the parties and their children and, most importantly, proportionate to the complexity, importance and value of the issues in dispute.

John-Paul has created a set of rules of procedure designed specifically for the arbitration of family law disputes that are flexible, allow the voices of the children to be heard, are capable of accommodating opinion evidence from financial, mental health and other experts, and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the parties and their dispute. Procedural options include oral decisions delivered after oral argument by teleconference (the quickest and least expensive process), in-person hearings with written evidence in direct and limited rights of oral cross-examination, and hearings with full rights of document discovery, pre-hearing questioning, examination and cross-examination equivalent to those available in litigation (the most time-consuming and most expensive process).

Download our mediation, arbitration and med-arb agreements from the Participation Agreements page.

meetings & hearings

Meetings, conferences and hearings in mediations and arbitrations conducted by John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers can be held by teleconference or by videoconference. In-person meetings and hearings, when they are necessary, can be held anywhere in Alberta or British Columbia; we do not require clients to pay for John-Paul’s travel costs other than accommodation expenses when an overnight stay is necessary.

agreements & awards

Immediately following the end of mediation, John-Paul will prepare a memorandum of agreement outlining the terms on which the parties have agreed to settle their legal dispute and identifying any issues on which agreement has not been reached. The parties and their counsel will read and sign the memorandum before the meeting concludes.

At the end of an arbitration, John-Paul will, depending on the process selected, draft a formal award that summarizes any orders to be made by consent, his conclusions about the facts of the dispute, the law that applies to the dispute and his decisions about how each issue in the dispute will be resolved.

people without lawyers

John-Paul provides mediation, arbitration and med-arb services for people who do not have lawyers. Download our special mediation and arbitration agreements for people without lawyers from the Participation Agreements page

For individuals pursuing arbitration, John-Paul has design a streamlined inquisitorial process in which he helps the parties identifies the issues and the documents and information that must be exchanged, and leads the examination of all witnesses at the hearing.