John-Paul Boyd has provided parenting coordination services since 2007, and played a key role in establishing the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society. John-Paul has written and lectured about parenting coordination and provided training to parenting coordinators in Alberta and British Columbia.

John-Paul takes a child-centred approach to parenting coordination. His primary goal as a parenting coordinator is to resolve disputes about parenting, and the interpretation and implementation of parenting orders and agreements, directly, quickly and efficiently. His other goals include helping parents: learn to communicate with each other more effectively; place the interests of the children ahead of their own; identify triggers that prevent them from settling disagreements; and, learn to resolve parenting disputes on their own so that his services are no longer needed.

John-Paul uses a streamlined process and will avoid the lengthy review of text messages and email threads that often bog down parenting coordination processes.


John-Paul will interview the children when resolving certain parenting disputes. John-Paul may also, in consultation with the parties, arrange for an independent mental health professional to provide an assessment or opinion where necessary for the resolution of a parenting dispute.

Court reporting

John-Paul will communicate with and provide reports to the court as may be required by the parents’ agreement or a court order.


Most of the time, communication in parenting coordinations conducted by John-Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers will be by email.

Meetings can be by teleconference or by videoconference. In-person meetings, when they are necessary, can be held anywhere in Alberta or British Columbia; we do not require clients to pay for John-Paul’s travel costs.


When a parenting dispute is resolved by agreement, John-Paul will prepare and send a memorandum of agreement to both parents summarizing the terms of the agreement that has been reached.

Where a parenting dispute is resolved by John-Paul’s decision, he will prepare and send a memorandum of award to both parents. The memorandum will summarize the dispute, John-Paul’s decision on the dispute and his reasons for making that decision.


John-Paul provides parenting coordination services for people who do not have lawyers.