John-Paul Boyd may be retained to consult on or provide expert evidence in family law cases on a range of issues in which he has particular experience, knowledge and competence. These include:

  1. the provincial law on domestic relations in British Columbia, for jurisdictions outside of British Columbia;

  2. the provincial law on domestic relations in Alberta, for jurisdictions outside of Alberta;

  3. the federal law on marriage and divorce, for jurisdictions outside of Canada;

  4. polyamory and polyamorous relationships, and the distinction between polyamory and polygamy;

  5. the experiences of litigants without counsel in the court system;

  6. children’s responses to parental separation and experiences of parental conflict; and,

  7. parenting coordination in British Columbia.

John-Paul will provide expert evidence by affidavit or as a witness as the circumstances require.

John-Paul has provided expert evidence by affidavit on polyamorous relationships and the experiences of litigants without counsel. His views of the child reports have been cited by the provincial, superior and appellate courts of British Columbia, and his writing on guardianship and family law in British Columbia, the alienation and estrangement of children, and retroactive support orders have been relied on in superior court decisions in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Our services will be billed at John-Paul’s usually rate of $425 per hour, although flat rates can often be negotiated. Where travel is required, clients will be responsible for all associated costs, including air fare and hotel accommodation when necessary, but will not be billed for John-Paul’s travel time.

Many of John-Paul’s research reports and studies may be downloaded from the University of Calgary Library, and some of his other work may be found in the Library page. Other papers and publications are be available upon request.