Independent legal advice is a necessity whenever someone is being asked to sign a family law agreement or an agreement to participate in a dispute resolution process. Independent legal advice helps to ensure that the person thinking about signing the agreement fully understands the impact that the agreement may have on their rights, responsibilities and options. Independent legal advice also helps to improve the durability of agreements by discouraging future attacks on the agreement by signatories claiming that they weren’t completely aware of the consequences of the agreement.

Family law agreements include:

· cohabitation agreements and marriage agreements, which may be signed by couples planning on living together or marrying

· multi-party cohabitation agreements, which may be signed when more than two people are planning on living together in a committed relationship

· multi-party assisted reproduction agreements and multi-party parenting agreements, which are used by people planning on having or raising a child with the help of other people

· separation agreements, which may be signed by people who have successfully resolved the legal issues arising from the end of their relationship

John-Paul has provided independent legal advice on family law agreements of all types since being called to the bar in 2000. His extensive experience providing public legal education, including writing the wikibook JP Boyd on Family Law, uniquely equips him to explain complicated legal concepts in plain language.

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