Legal problems involving family law issues don’t always happen when lawyers’ offices or the courts are open. Making things worse, problems about parenting decisions and parenting time are often time-sensitive and simply can’t wait until the next business day to be addressed.

how it works

Subject to his availability, John-Paul Boyd will resolve after-hours family law emergencies by teleconference or videoconference, using a shortened one-hour mediation-arbitration process. John-Paul will first try to help the parties reach an agreement settling the dispute through mediation, but will make a decision resolving the dispute through arbitration if an agreement is impossible. Learn more in the Resolving Family Law Disputes page.

The family law disputes best suited to our after-hours services are disputes about one or two issues that can’t wait, don’t involve difficult legal issues and don’t require a lot of evidence to resolve, for example disputes about:

  1. decision-making for children, including decisions about children’s extracurricular activities, health care or education;

  2. parenting time or contact, including temporary changes to an existing parenting schedule;

  3. payment of child support, including late payments, payment of children’s special or extraordinary expenses and calculating parents’ shares of children’s expenses;

  4. late payment of spousal support; and,

  5. occupation and use of the family home, the land on which the home sits and the personal property located in and around the family home.

The price for our after-hours services is set at an affordable fixed price, which will be shared equally by the adults involved in the dispute:

· single issue: $500 plus GST, for a total cost of $262.50 per person for disputes involving two people or $175.00 per person for disputes involving three people

· two issues: $750 plus GST, for a total cost of $393.75 per person for disputes involving two people or $262.50 per person for disputes involving three people

Payment by electronic funds transfer, or by credit card or debit card, is required.

Read our special emergency services med-arb participation agreement in the Participation Agreements page. For the fastest response, call our offices directly at 403-545-8091.

important limitations

Our after-hours emergency services are not available when the people involved in the dispute are already engaged in mediation or arbitration services with another mediator or arbitrator without the consent of that mediator or arbitrator. People represented by counsel should, whenever possible, speak to their lawyers in advance before using our emergency services.

John-Paul’s availability will vary depending on his family commitments and speaking schedule, which often takes him out of town. John-Paul will not usually be able to start a new dispute resolution process after 8:00pm Mountain time.